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2012-08-20 08:00 pm
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  P.S.: English is not my native language ^_^ ''' 
Thank you for your understanding, hope you enjoy my works!
 Katherine G.
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2016-03-23 01:40 pm

Moving to Tumblr

Hello everyone!

And how I’ve said before, I’ve moved on tumblr, because I can’t browse and update dreamwidth. It’s really hurt me to lose these blogs, but I won’t delete them here, so all links will be here and on the tumblr. I don’t trust mediafire too, so I’ll upload all my old and new files on Google Disk (this warning in case mediafire removes or blocks my files). All new updates you can find only on my simblr and on the  AMR-Club’s tumblr, respectively.

Thank you for your understanding! ^-^

See you on the Tumblr! ;)